Handfasting Ceremony

What are Handfasting Ceremonies

A Handfasting ceremony is a traditional marriage custom and attributed to be where the phrase ‘tying the knot comes from’. Believed by many to be a Pagan ritual, handfasting ceremonies are commonly used in many wedding ceremonies regardless of the belief and …

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Goth wedding couple

Gothic Wedding Checklist

A gothic wedding, like all weddings is a joyous and happy occasion. Planning a wedding is an exciting and a busy time. There are many things to plan include deciding on what kind of ceremony you would like. Below are …

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Goth Wedding Dresses

Every bride has an image in her head of her ideal wedding dress. Most brides stick to what has become traditional white, ivory or cream; with maybe a coloured sash to match the groom’s tie, or a splash of colour …

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Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

‘We want to say our own vows, but don’t know what to write’ is something I hear couples say when talking about their wedding ceremony. Where do you start, what do you write, and what are you supposed to say …

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Polyamorous Weddings and Commitment Ceremony

Polyamorous Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies

Polyamorous relationships have always been a part of human culture for many people all over the world. Traditionally wedding ceremonies acknowledged the love and union between two people which excluded polyamorous relationships. Polyamory isn’t cheating on one partner for another …

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Viking Handfasting and Wedding Ceremonies

Viking Handfasting and Wedding Ceremonies Themed Viking handfasting ceremonies and weddings have risen in popularity recently. Perhaps this is due to influence from the television programme ‘Vikings’, or it could be a result of a couple’s interest in Viking or …

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Norse/Viking Themed Handfasting and Wedding Ceremonies

Norse/Viking Themed Handfasting and Wedding Ceremonies Norse and Viking themed handfasting and wedding ceremonies are the favoured kind of ceremony for many couples. Requests for these themes for ceremonies have increased, and this maybe for a number of reasons. Many …

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