Goth Wedding Dresses

Goth wedding dresses are always black yes? Wrong! Goth wedding dresses can be many colours as goth brides do not always wear black. When most people think of Gothic style weddings, they picture a sea of black with Victorian attire such as top hats, walking canes and the bride arrives in black goth wedding dress, face covered with a heavy black veil. Although many goth couples choose this look, black however, is just one of the many colours of choice for goth wedding dresses.

What colour are goth wedding dresses?

‘Guess the colour of the dress’ is a question I ask (as a goth and alternative wedding celebrant) to guests awaiting the arrival of a bride or person the ceremony is for. Unlike traditional weddings where the expectation is to wear a white, ivory or pale coloured dress, goth brides have many colours of dresses to choose from.

Purple, emerald green, gold, burgundy, sapphire blue, red, silver, grey, ivory and white are all colours favoured for goth wedding dresses. Some brides choose to wear more than one colour, and wear a different coloured corset and long skirt rather than the dress. Media influence can be inspirational with the iconic red dress worn by Mina Murray (played by Winona Ryder) in Bram Stoker’s Dracula being a choice for some.

Legend Bridal and Scarlet Taylor are two wedding attire businesses who make outstandingly beautiful wedding dresses and outfits, including veils in different colours and styles.

Styles of Goth Wedding Dresses

Dress styles include Victorian full skirts with tight lacing corsets, Edwardian bustle skirts, fishtail skirts, ruched ball skirts in taffeta or silk materials, lace, velvet or organza materials. You might decide to show off any tattoo body art by wearing a corset style dress, or one with capped or short sleeves. If you prefer long sleeves, there are long sleeve dresses, bolero style jackets to cover your shoulders and arms, cloaks, sheer sleeves, lace sleeves and other options.

Some dresses are big and extravagant requiring hoops or bustles underneath them, some can be worn for other occasions too making them a cost effective and sustainable investment rather than a wear once dress. I wore my own wedding dress four times, but sadly it was ripped by an over enthusiastic fellow clubber with a lot of chains hanging from his jeans, so I had it made into two tops which I have worn many times and a veil for a friend to wear to her own wedding.

wedding veils and other headwear

Wedding veils in chosen colours and designs are traditionally worn with wedding dresses. Goth brides may favour long cathedral style veils or an even longer ‘Royal Veil’ which are the longest length veils coming in at over 16foot in length. If you can’t make a statement entrance on your wedding day, when can you do it?

If veils aren’t for you, you might prefer a tiara, hat, fascinator, crown or another hair accessory. Twilight Couture make beautiful headwear for weddings and other occasions, in many styles, colours and designs. Finding the right accessories to compliment your dress or outfit is key as you have to be comfortable as well as practical.

A long veil or a tall headdress may look perfect, but are they practical if you are having your ceremony in woodlands with bushes and trees to get caught on, or if your ceremony is going to be held in a place which has low ceilings? You don’t want to spend all day repositioning an uncomfortable headdress or hat. You might decide to remove these accessories after your ceremony or perhaps you would like two outfits with two sets of accessories. One for the ceremony and another for your reception. Remember to take into consideration your hairstyle when deciding on headwear (hats will make your hair flat if worn for a long day/evening).

Goth wedding dresses, like all wedding dresses are of a personal style to every person wearing one. This is your day and your choices. It can be frustrating if there is resistance or negative opinions from family members who may not share your excitement and enthusiasm for wearing a black, red or non-white wedding dress. Like all weddings, most families and friends will have an opinion about what happens and what is worn. Stand your ground as this is your day, your choices. Wear what makes your happy, as it is your wedding day. Goth wedding dresses aren’t for everyone, but they are more commonly seen now that they have ever been before.