Goth Wedding Dresses

Every bride has an image in her head of her ideal wedding dress. Most brides stick to what has become traditional white, ivory or cream; with maybe a coloured sash to match the groom’s tie, or a splash of colour on the dress. Goth brides however, favour many different colours when it comes to their goth wedding dress, not just black. Goth wedding dresses come in all different colours.

When most people think of Gothic style weddings, they picture a sea of black with Victorian attire such as top hats, walking canes and the bride in a black dress with matching veil and accessories. Although many Goth couples choose this look, black however, is just one of the many colours of choice for goth brides.

Goth brides opt for many different coloured goth wedding dresses, in different styles.

Purple, emerald green, gold, burgundy, sapphire blue, red, silver, grey and even sometimes white are all colours favoured for goth wedding dresses. Matching coloured or black veils, headdresses, fascinators or hats; red, burgundy or black floral bouquets or small bags, and favoured jewellery usually complete the bridal look.

Types of Goth Wedding Dresses

Dress styles including Victorian full skirts with tight lacing corsets, Edwardian bustle skirts, fishtail skirts, ruched ball skirts in taffeta or silk materials, lace, velvet or organza materials. Some brides choose to wear more than one colour, and wear a different coloured corset than the dress.

Some dresses like those chosen by non-goths are big and extravagant, some are easier to wear and can be worn on other occasions too making them a cost effective investment rather than a wear once dress. I wore my own wedding dress four times, but sadly it was ripped by an over enthusiastic fellow clubber with a lot of chains hanging from his jeans.

Goth weddings are my favourite kinds of weddings to perform as an alternative wedding celebrant/officiant. Attention to detail is outstanding and poems, readings and music chosen are so romantic and personal to each couple. They aren’t doom and gloom or funeralesque as some describe them as, and it’s always nice to chat and guess with the guests beforehand as to what colour dress the bride will wear. Rarely do we guess the correct colour.

If you are a goth bride, what colour dress will you be wearing?