Wedding Ceremonies

Your Alternative wedding ceremony

A wedding ceremony is a milestone ceremony marking and celebrating the love and connection between those it is for. It is a rite of passage for those involved as they leave behind life as a single person, to join together with another through love and commitment.

It is a time of great happiness for all involved, including families and friends who welcome another to their family or friendship group.

You are in control, your story is the start of every ceremony. Scripts and drafts do not exist in any ceremony I create. You tell me your requirements, I then create your wedding ceremony, giving you full approval of all that is said. No surprises, no generic wording; just a memorable, tailormade ceremony with your story at the heart of it.

A marriage or a wedding?

A marriage and a wedding are two very different things. A marriage is a legally recognised and documented union between two people in a registered place. A wedding is a ceremony of love between two or more people if desired, in a place of their choosing, indoors or outdoors. You do not need to be in love to be married, you just need to agree to it, and to meet the legal criteria associated with it. Those who plan a wedding ceremony with a celebrant, do so to commemorate and mark their love for each other.

Pagan weddings

There are different paths of Paganism, and I can create a meaningful Pagan wedding ceremony. If you are new to Paganism, and would like to include certain aspects within your ceremony you can.

Norse Pagan ceremonies are my speciality, and I have spent many years researching different beliefs and wedding ceremony customs. As we have very limited historical content relating to Norse and Viking weddings, your personal interruption is the basis of these ceremonies, along with some familiar aspects such as mead, readings, poems, handfastings and acknowledgement of the Gods.

Lifestyle weddings

Alternative people live alternative lifetyles, and your alternative wedding is an alternative wedding if you choose to celebrate your lifestyle within your ceremony. Goth, Steampunk, rock, metal, punk, Northern Soul, Witch and Rockabilly are just some of the many subcultures I have included within wedding ceremonies.

Steampunk wedding ceremony