CELEBRANT Ceremonies

Weddings, naming, renewal of vows and funerals are the four most associated celebrant ceremonies, but there are so many more available from Alternative Ceremonies UK.

During our lives we have so much to acknowledge and celebrate. A ceremony is a gathering of two or more people hearing words marking a milestone in their relationship or their life. Words of celebration, memories, love, praise, acknowledging an achievement, a change in their situation, the bringing together of two or more people, the arrival of a new person or life into a family or a ritual recognising moving forward. As an experienced and pioneering celebrant who creates designs and performs inventive ceremonies (including Pagan rituals) many occasions and milestones, these are some of the ceremonies available.

Celebrant Ceremonies offered by Ellie Farrell, Alternative Ceremonies UK

Some of the celebrant ceremonies available

  • Engagement
  • Commitment
  • Anniversary
  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • New home
  • New job
  • Graduation
  • Bon voyage
  • Baby welcoming
  • Coming of age
  • Family blending
  • Adoption
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Trans, non-binary and gender fluid celebration and naming
  • New name ceremonies
  • Lifestyle ceremonies
  • Business partnership
  • New business
  • Celebration of promotion
  • Achievement ceremonies
  • Ceremonies to mark any other events
Collaring Ceremony

If you are interested in a ceremony not mentioned, or a lifestyle ceremony please contact me for information.