Alternative Wedding in Yorkshire

What is an Alternative Wedding?

Social media is full of posts and groups about alternative weddings, but what is an alternative wedding? Alternative means a different way of doing something or a substitution for what was requested but is unavailable. So is an alternative wedding …

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Summer Solstice Weddings

The summer solstice (Litha) is here, and it is a favoured time of the year for Pagan weddings and handfasting ceremonies. The summer solstice marks the longest day and the shortest night; nature is in full bloom and love is …

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Goth Weddings

Goth Weddings and Goth Wedding Ceremonies

Main Image by: Vicky Dubois Photography It seems goth weddings are popular with many choosing a goth wedding theme or décor. Facebook groups are full of images of goth weddings and brides wearing black dresses. (It is important to know …

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The Ultimate guide to Handfasting

Handfasting, a popular and the most requested unity ceremony and ritual in a celebrant wedding. Handfasting is a meaningful and visual ritual during a wedding or commitment ceremony. Where does handfasting originate from? The Norse word ‘handfesta’ is attributed to …

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Pagan Handfasting

Pagan Weddings

There are many branches on the tree of Paganism and when it comes to planning a wedding, there aren’t any rules to follow. As a Pagan, a Priestess, and an alternative Pagan wedding celebrant, I can create you a wedding …

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Goth Wedding Celebrant

Goth Celebrant for Goth Weddings

Goth Weddings Goth weddings like all other weddings are a time of celebration in honour of the relationship of those the ceremony is for. They are happy, all about love, can be lighthearted or humorous if required, and are inclusive …

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Yule log

Yule Weddings and Handfasting Ceremonies

Yule is on the way and it is a magickal and special time of the year. Although Yule isn’t the traditional time of the Pagan calendar for handfasting or wedding ceremonies, there are some who break with tradition and choose …

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Renewing Wedding Vows

Renewal of wedding vows ceremonies have always taken place with celebrants. Recently their popularity has increased for various reasons, including the pandemic. What is a renewal of vows ceremony and is it a personal consideration? Why do couples renew their …

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Commitment Ceremonies

Marriages and wedding ceremonies aren’t for everyone, for various reasons. Does this mean for those unable to marry, or those unwilling to, cannot mark and celebrate their relationship? Simply, no, a celebrant commitment ceremony is the perfect way to mark …

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