Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Renewing wedding vows has become popular, but do you want to say your original vows during the renewal ceremony? While the traditional marriage vows, which virtually every couple entering into a marriage must declare, are said, would you want to say these again, or would you prefer to say your own vows, through your own words to each other? Vows said during any ceremony I create are the most important, and meaningful part of the occasion. They are for you; about you, to you. Renewal of vows has become the name for a ceremony which is held in celebration of a resuming union, rather than a second declaration of the marriage vows.

A different kind of ceremony

Perhaps your first wedding or marriage ceremony wasn’t as you would have liked it to be. Postponed or condensed plans due to the Covid 19 pandemic, expectations to have a traditional church or civil ceremony, or choosing to marry abroad are some of the many reasons. During this ceremony you can include Pagan or spiritual beliefs if you wish to. Nothing comes as standard, except each ceremony starts off in the standard way, as a blank sheet, awaiting each couple’s requirements to be written upon it.

Celebrating your relationship

All relationships have darker, perhaps testing times. Whether you have been together for just six months or six years, there would have been not so perfect times. Whatever the reason, you got through it together; as two halves of one joined union. Celebrate those times, and your ongoing commitment to each other with a unique ceremony which doesn’t require you to repeat the same vows as you did during your original marriage or wedding ceremony.

Your words matter

True love is unconditional. You see each other at your best times, and at your worst. Both of these times, although some harder than others bring forth something extremely important; just how much you mean to each other. For the Alternative Ceremonies UK version of what is known as a vow renewal ceremony, these feelings will be put into words and special vows, unique for the two of you only. If you created your own wedding vows, you can obviously say them during this ceremony. This makes it special as you are reaffirming meaningful words of personal importance to you both.