Gothic Wedding Checklist

A gothic wedding, like all weddings is a joyous and happy occasion. Planning a wedding is an exciting and a busy time. There are many things to plan include deciding on what kind of ceremony you would like.

Below are some suggestions to help you plan the perfect gothic wedding.

Gothic Wedding Checklist

When and where?

Set a date and time. Halloween is a popular date for some couples and if you require a specific date or venue, booking early is essential.

If you are planning your ceremony outdoors, you should make a backup or contingency plan as the weather here in Britain is unpredictable. If you are planning a wedding in an historical building think about the access for disabled, elderly or young guests too.

As ideal as it may seem, can you really manage to walk up flights of slim stone steps in heels, New Rocks and wearing a huge gown or ball skirt? If you want an alternative venue such as cemetery for your gothic wedding ceremony get permission from the local council or enquire if this is possible.

Personalised gothic themed ceremony or standard civil ceremony?

Book a Celebrant if you are interested in a truly bespoke and individual gothic wedding ceremony. I am a goth alternative wedding Celebrant and I travel all over the country performing weddings for creative people who want their wedding ceremony to be unique and all about them.   As soon as you have a date, book your Celebrant as certain times such as gothic events held in Whitby and Halloween are popular dates.

Choosing to book a Celebrant to write and perform your wedding ceremony will also give you the option to have ceremony elements such as a unity candle ceremony, handfasting, personalised vows and so much more. Choosing to have a civil wedding restricts not only what is said during the ceremony, but it has to be held in a licensed venue between certain times.


Book a professional photographer. This is a very important thing to budget for when planning your wedding. It is a special day and you want it documented. Everybody knows people who take a few shots as a hobby, but do you really want to entrust such a huge responsibility to a non professional?

Who will be involved?

Choose your Best Man, bridesmaids etc. If a pet is part of your day (dogs can be ring bearers if they are well behaved and social), will your venue allow them to be there? Would you like family and friends to be involved in your ceremony?

Choosing the dress, grooms attire and clothing


What style, colour, material and length do you prefer when it comes to choosing your wedding dress?  Is a flowing gown your ideal wedding dress or are you drawn to a corset with a full skirt?  Perhaps a Victorian inspired dress complete with a bustle and a fitted jacket are more your style? Will you be wearing a veil, a fascinator, a headdress or a hat?

For two brides will you be wearing matching wedding dresses or wearing individual styles and colours?

What clothing will any bridesmaids be wearing? Many goth couples ask bridesmaids to wear their own clothing in a specific colour. Not only does this keep down the cost, most requested bridesmaids will have suitable gothic clothing.


Clothing for the groom, best man, and groomsmen. What is your preferred choice? Victorian, Trad Goth, EBM style? Are you going to have a tailormade suit with a custom lined jacket? Are you wearing a hat?

The rings

Gold or silver? Plain or patterned? Traditional wedding bands or uniquely designed ones? If you want black rings, make sure you track them down and order them early if they are coming from outside your country.

Invites and social media

Invitations are still favoured by many couples, and there are many companies offering bespoke wedding invites. Not everyone is on social media and wedding invites are required for those who aren’t.

Make a wedding list for guests to see and distribute it with your invitations. Don’t shy away for asking for money. It isn’t rude as you can use it for your honeymoon, an item for the home or even to pay for a photographer of your choice to give you a beautiful set of gothic wedding pictures.

Make a Facebook event for your wedding. Add people who you wish to invite and give a map and directions to your venue. Guests can leave comments and view your wedding list, colour scheme, decorating plans, menu choices and ceremony choices. If you are having your ceremony in a different area to where you live, add a link to local hotels, B&B’s and taxi firms.


Arriving in a hearse maybe your ideal choice and if so, there are a few companies online where hearses can be hired for gothic weddings and events. Check this service is available in your area.

Flowers and room décor

Do you want artificial or real flowers? Red and black roses are most couples choice, with personalised bridal bouquets and colour matching headdresses.

The cake and catering choices

What kind of cake do you want? A huge elaborate sculptured cake which will feed lots of people or a smaller simpler one? Do you want sponge or fruit? What flavours do you want? How many tiers? Are you looking for an original style or something similar you have seen online?

Deciding on food choices can be tricky depending on the average requirements of your guests. Catering for vegans, vegetarians and food allergies has to be considered. What kind of food are you going to serve? Street food from vendors who will arrive at your venue, a sit down meal or both?

Music and entertainment

Goth music is very diverse so decide on a DJ who you like and who will play different kinds of music. There’s only so many Sisters of Mercy tracks to hear. If booking a band book them as soon as possible to make sure they are available.

Magicians, burlesque, alternative performers and dark cabaret acts may fit in better with your entertainment requirements rather than a photobooth with colourful props.

Plan your day together, after all it is about the two of you.  Try not to get stressed about the little things which won’t matter and enjoy the planning of your day.

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