Goth Celebrant for Goth Weddings

Goth Weddings

Goth weddings like all other weddings are a time of celebration in honour of the relationship of those the ceremony is for. They are happy, all about love, can be lighthearted or humorous if required, and are inclusive to all attending, making them feel included rather than just watching.

Goth weddings mark and celebrate your relationship, lifestyle and subculture.

More Than a Black Wedding Dress

While many Goth brides wear black wedding dresses, a Goth wedding isn’t defined by a black dress with Halloween décor present. A Goth wedding and a Halloween themed wedding are two very different themes. Bats, skulls, coffins, black décor and dark flowers are decorative symbols which are displayed in many Goth and Halloween weddings.

What makes a wedding  a Goth wedding is plain and simple; the people the ceremony is for are Goths who live a Goth lifestyle.

Research Your Celebrant

There are many celebrants out there claiming to offer Goth weddings. If you are looking for a celebrant to write and deliver your ceremony, do your research. Do they really have a knowledge of what Goth people want, or are they trying to cash in on the Goth wedding market to make their social pages look good?

Check them out and see what other weddings they have been involved in. Have they performed any real Goth weddings or they showing styled shoots with them wearing what they deem to be Goth clothes?

You deserve respect for who you are, and your wedding is about you, not a photo opportunity for others.

Vicky Dubois Photography

Goth Celebrant

Our own bog standard register office wedding led me to train to become a celebrant to work with Goth and alternative people. As a Goth celebrant based in Whitby, who lives as a Goth 24/7, it is everything to me that Goth weddings, handfasting and commitment ceremonies, and funerals are created and performed with knowledge of the scene as most expect.

Respect for those the ceremony is for, understanding of what aspect of Goth is important to those involved, and discretion come as standard. 

Your Lifestyle Should be Represented

Music, clothes, friends, family, pets, literature, films and let’s face it, alcohol are the basics of most Goth’s lives. These things can all be incorporated into every ceremony if required. Each ceremony I create is created from nearly forty years in our scene. I am truly passionate about the Goth scene and subculture, and therefore I work with likeminded Goth clients.

Opposites do not attract, like attracts like.

Your Beliefs Should be Represented Within Your Ceremony

Many Goths are Pagan or follow a spiritual path. These beliefs are vital parts of any ceremony, as they are part of our daily lives. As a Pagan Priestess I can include as much of your beliefs within your ceremony as you want in there. Whatever branch of Paganism you follow, we can include it within your special ceremony.


Handfasting, potentially our oldest wedding custom, and the Pagan way of marriage. I specialise in handfasting and make each set of cords personally (if you require this). They will be blessed if you also would like this.

Further information on handfasting can be found here

For a Goth Wedding, Book a Goth Celebrant

If you would like a no obligation chat about planning your perfect Goth ceremony, please contact me.

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