Yule Weddings and Handfasting Ceremonies.

Yuletide or Yule, is the Pagan festival celebrating the winter solstice, the shortest day on 21st December. It celebrates a return of the sun after the shortest day and is celebrated with natural decorations, mostly of the season. Evergreen trees, holly, ivy, mistletoe, pine cones, oranges and cinnamon sticks.

Couples who celebrate Yule, see it as a good time to have a wedding or commitment ceremony, or to renew vows or take part in a traditional handfasting ceremony. Mead ceremonies are also popular during Yule ceremonies, especially with those who have a Norse Pagan themed ceremony.

Broom jumping or lighting a Yule unity candle to signify Yule’s celebration of a return to the sun and more light can also be done during this special time. Lighting candles embedded in a traditional Yule log can be an adaption of a unity candle ceremony. These candles can be relit every Yule in remembrance of the vows said to each other during the ceremony.

Food and drink are always consumed during celebrations and seasonal food and drink such as mince pies and hot mulled wine make perfect unity ceremonies which can be shared with guests. Wedding cakes made to look like the traditional Yule log make a great addition for a Yule wedding or celebration.

Yule ceremonies can be colourful and include the traditional colours of red, white, gold and green. Yule brides wear green gowns as green is the colour of rebirth and renewal. Red is for passion and prosperity, white for light and purity and gold is associated with wealth and energy.

Handfasting cords can be seasonal colours and decorated with natural decorations or charms. Family members can be involved with placing the cords to involve them in the ceremony.

Many choose to have an indoor ceremony due to the cold weather, but outdoor candlelit ceremonies around fires, underneath the moon in woodland areas with natural surroundings are very atmospheric. Just remind any guests to wrap up warm.

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