Weddings and Ceremonies at Halloween

Traditionally, most couples decide to get married during the summer months, with long sunny days, clear blue skies and hot sunshine as the backdrop to their wedding pictures. Alternative couples however, usually decide to get married in the autumn; and some decide to hold their weddings and ceremonies at Halloween.

Autumn is a beautiful, and very colourful time of year. Multi-coloured leaves, seasonal autumn flowers and darker full harvest moon evenings make excellent backdrops for weddings, handfastings or vow renewal ceremonies. Why pay money for elaborate table centrepieces when beautiful autumn leaves, horse chestnuts, acorns, fir tree branches and warm glowing candle lights are mainly free?

For Wiccan and Pagan couples, autumn is an ideal time of year to sow the seeds of a new union by having a wedding or handfasting ceremony. Autumn is the season of the festival of Samhain, one of the four main Sabbats celebrated by Pagans and Wiccans. Samhain is about endings and new beginnings, and to some, it’s an ideal time of year to hold a wedding ceremony.

Autumn is also the time of Halloween; held on the same day as Samhain. Over the last few years, it has become a popular time for weddings and ceremonies of numerous themes. Goth weddings, Pagan weddings, handfastings, horror and zombie themed weddings are common Halloween ceremony themes.

Themes range from fancy dress family fun with mini Dracula’s, zombies and horror, to romantic and beautifully elaborate Gothic ceremonies. Couples opt for matching elements such as handfastings, broom jumping, wine ceremonies; and take advantage of the darker afternoons and evenings to include unity candle ceremonies. These are sometimes accompanied by Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride vows, which are ideal for a Halloween ceremony.

Goth couples choose to include Poe’s classic poem ‘Annabel Lee’ in their ceremony, whilst others choose ‘Jack and Sally’s Song’ from Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas as a reading during their wedding. Many tales and folklores surrounding Halloween are centred around the belief that the world of the dead and the world of the living cross on Halloween. Some couples think this is a poignant and eternal time to make vows to each other on Halloween, thus declaring the union to continue into the next world.

As an alternative Celebrant, Halloween time is very busy, and my favourite time of year for ceremonies. I travel all over the UK performing ceremonies for various couples over Halloween. All have different themes, all are unique to each couple; and all are an honour to be involved with. Some clients request me to wear Gothic clothing of corsets and long skirts, some request I dress as a Zombie or other horror character.

No two ceremonies are the same, and I love to see the seasonal décor chosen by couples in their choices of venues. Pumpkins, skulls, candles, leaves, ravens and black and deep red colour schemes are favourite décor choices for romantic Halloween ceremonies. Tim Burton characters, sugar skulls, orange and black colours, ghosts, bats, spiders, vampires, coffins and graveyards are chosen décor items for the more fun themed ceremonies.Castle venues, stately homes, hotels, caves such as Wookey Hole, woodlands, marquees in private fields or family homes are all ideal places to hold Halloween ceremonies. Handfasting and broom jumping ceremonies are usually preferred to be performed outdoors, and most desired venue choices will have an outdoor space.

If summer ceremonies aren’t for you, why not think about a Halloween wedding? Whatever belief or reason behind choosing to get married during the days before, or days after Halloween, or on Halloween itself, it is a lovely time of year to get married, renew vows, or hold a handfasting ceremony.

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