Vow renewals

A wedding vow renewal ceremony is a popular ceremony, and can be performed in any venue or location, and can be themed to your requirements.
Perhaps you want to mark a special anniversary, reaffirm your vows after certain circumstances, or have an alternative themed ceremony to your original wedding. These ceremonies are also ideal for couples who marry aboard and want a ceremony here to include family and friends.

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You can choose to hold your ceremony anyway, and it can a lavish ceremony attended by many, or it can be intimate with just the two of you in a location special to you both. Ceremonies can be held on any day, at any time, and can involve others into your ceremonies should you wish to.

Unity ceremonies are an ideal way to include family, children or friends into a wedding vow renewal ceremony. Candle ceremonies, seed or tree planting, a handfasting or creating a unique family unity canvas to display afterward your ceremony are the most popular choices.

New vows and new rings

Personalised vows can be said during the ceremony, and just like any other Celebrant led ceremony, you can say whatever is important and personal to each other. Most couples exchange new rings, or give each other a piece of jewellery or a special gift in recognition of their newly confirmed vows to each other.


Included in a wedding vow renewal ceremony, is an A4 commemorative parchment which can be signed by witnesses during your ceremony. Larger A3 ones are also available. You will also receive a copy of your ceremony in a presentation folder as a keepsake of your vow renewal.

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