Valentine’s Day Weddings

Valentine’s day is celebrated by couples in love all over the world. It is a day associated with love, red roses, gift giving and romance. With this in mind, have you thought about having a Valentine’s day wedding?

February 14th is the most popular date to get married on, and couples may have to wait another year if they want to have a Valentine’s day wedding in a register office as they are usually fully booked in advance. Wedding day themes for Valentine’s day weddings are usually hearts, pairs of birds and red roses. Red is the colour associated with Valentine’s day, and it symbolises passion, fury, danger, blood, fire and intense emotion. Red roses say ‘I love you’, and are perfect for a Valentine’s day wedding.

The origins of Valentine’s day vary, and there are various websites and publications offering explanations of the origins of Valentine’s day, and of the person believed to be St Valentine.

St Valentine was apparently a Roman priest persecuted by the Roman emperor Claudius for conducting marriages for Christian couples. Claudius took a liking to the priest, but the priest tried to convert the emperor to Christianity and was sentenced to death by stoning and beating, followed by beheading.

The priest was imprisoned awaiting his death, and apparently fell in love with his jailer’s blind daughter. On his way to his death, he left her a note signed ‘from your Valentine’.  February 14th was said to be the date of his death, and the Christian church proclaimed it a feast date. This time is also the start of mating season for various birds, hence birds on Valentine’s day cards.

Retro tattoo depictions of birds such a swallows, anchors, hearts, roses, love and rockabilly skulls are popular for alternative Valentine’s day wedding themes. Anatomical hearts on unity candles and decorations, red and black roses, red wine, Gothic poetry and candlelit venues are prevalent for Gothic Valentine’s day wedding themes. Steampunk couples favour clockwork hearts, mechanical butterflies, white roses and padlocks.

Creating a heart themed unity canvas during the wedding ceremony leaves the couple with a lasting reminder of their Valentine’s day wedding ceremony. This can be framed and displayed in the home.

Celebrant wedding ceremonies give couples the freedom of choice over their own ceremony, and more importantly over the construction of their own vows. Personalised and unique vows are the most important aspect of any wedding ceremony, but these can only be included in a Celebrant ceremony. As an alternative Celebrant, I encourage couples to think about what really matters to them to say in their vows.

Why say something scripted which millions of other couples say to each other on their wedding day? Like each couple and each relationship, wedding vows are unique and should be about two individual people, and this only happens with Celebrant wedding ceremonies.

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