Two Wedding Ceremonies

Alternative wedding ceremonies are on the increase as more couples are defining their day their way, but what do you do if your lifestyle choices aren’t those of your families? What if one of your families is religious but you as a couple aren’t? How do you combat the issue of keeping everybody happy on your special day? This is where two wedding ceremonies can be the solution.

There are so many couples who would love to get married in an alternative wedding ceremony, but family customs, expectations or lack of acceptance for their lifestyle choices can be an issue. It could be your dream to get married in a castle of an evening, wearing a beautiful black dress, arriving to your ceremony by hearse and walking down the wedding aisle which is decorated with red, black and purple flowers to Marilyn Manson’s ‘The Beautiful People’; but parents could have other ideas. They may of dreamed of the day their daughter gets married in a beautiful church, place of worship or register office on a bright summer’s afternoon; wearing a white wedding gown and arriving in a classic Rolls Royce.

They could picture the moment as their daughter walks down the wedding aisle which is decorated with pink, yellow and peach flowers to the traditional bridal march or classical music. If this sounds familiar, then planning your special day can be not only stressful, but difficult too. It is your day, but your parents, families and friends are also part of that day so how do you find a compromise? This is where having two ceremonies can be the solution.


bronya_gothAs an alternative Wedding Celebrant, I specialise in Gothic, Steampunk, Pagan, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Vintage and alternative ceremonies. Hence the name ‘Alternative Ceremonies UK‘. If an alternative wedding ceremony is what your would like, but family expectations suggest you have a traditional wedding then why not consider both kinds of ceremonies? Have your traditional wedding ceremony in a place which suits your day, then you could have another one in your preferred venue, with music, decor, poems, readings and clothing of your choice. If you would love a skull or Tim Burton themed wedding cake but others expect a traditional white fruitcake with sugar roses and three tiers then you could have your choice at your second ceremony. You could even have two separate rings to mark both occasions.

Having two ceremonies can be double the stress, but also double the fun. You can do them a few weeks apart, or even have your alternative ceremony on your first anniversary as one couple I met have done. One thing that all couples notice is just how fast the day goes and I hear a lot of people saying they want to do it again. Having two wedding ceremonies gives you this opportunity to do this, and also keeps everybody happy.

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