Things to Book When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, and it can also be stressful. There are so many things to think about, and so many things to book when planning a wedding.  Regardless of if it’s an alternative wedding or not, it’s easy to get caught up buying items you don’t need. Below is a wedding checklist of things do and thinks to book when planning a wedding.


  • Set a date and time. Some venues and suppliers offer their services at a lower rate during the week, and this is something to consider when on a budget.
  • Find your venue, and arrange a visit. If you are planning your ceremony outdoors, do you have a contingency plan if the weather changes? Is your ceremony location easily accessible for any disabled, elderly and child guests you have coming?
  • Book a Celebrant for a truly bespoke and individual wedding ceremony. Celebrant wedding ceremonies enable you the option to include family, friends and pets, and to add unity ceremonies such as a unity candle ceremony, ring warming or wine ceremony.
  • Do you want to include a handfasting ceremony? If so, decide what kind of ceremony such as a spiritual or elemental one.
  • Would you like a themed ceremony such as a Norse theme, Harry Potter or Game of Thrones?
  • Would you like to stick to a certain colour scheme or style such as vintage chic or Rockabilly colours?
    Viking, Rockabilly and Harry Potter inspired handfasting and unity candle
  • Choose your Best Man/ Best Woman, Bridesmaids, Maid of Honour and flower girls. Do you want your dad or a special person to give you away, or do you want to walk in together? If your dog is going to be part of your day (I have had ceremonies with dogs and owls being the ring bearer), will your venue allow this?
  • Think about what style, colour and design of dress you want. Traditionally long, 1950’s tea dress, alternative, pastel coloured, tattoo inspired, Goth, Steampunk etc.
  • Consider your transport to your ceremony and venue. The ever disappointing British weather should be considered here. An open top bus, horse drawn carriage or convertible retro car may not be appropriate if it suddenly starts to rain.
  • Book a meeting with a professional wedding photographer. Photography is an important item to budget for, and not something to leave to friends who have cameras. Photographers capture a moment, and record memories and they are an essential supplier to hire. Choose one whose style suits your ideas. You won’t get a second chance to repeat your wedding day.
  • What kind of flowers do you want? Artificial or real? A wild flower arrangement or a bridal bouquet? What about bridesmaid’s flowers, button hole flowers and table centrepieces. If flowers aren’t for you, consider button or a paper bouquet.
  • Think about your wedding cake. Do you want a certain theme, design or flavour? Would you rather have one big cake or individual cupcakes? Do you require vegan or gluten free, and can you find a cake maker who can do this? Consider how many people you are serving to avoid waste and unnecessary expense.
  • Pick your wedding rings. Do you want gold, silver, white gold or another metal? Plain or patterned ones? Why not make them yourselves at a wedding ring workshop?
  • Think about designs for your invitations. Do you want them to match a theme such as tattoo inspired, Steampunk, Goth or music? If you aren’t having invitations, make a Facebook event and keep the cost down. Provide guests with a map, an online wedding list and directions to your venue. Add information about accommodation if required and collect dietary needs information.
  • Make a wedding list for guests to see. If you have your own home, then another toaster isn’t really required. Distribute your list with your invitations and don’t shy away for asking for money. It isn’t rude as you can use it for your honeymoon, a luxury item for the home or even to pay for a photographer of your choice to give you a beautiful set of wedding pictures.
  • What kind of music would you like for your reception? Do you want a live band or singer, or a DJ?
  • Do you want to provide other entertainment such as a magician, burlesque artist or a performer?

There is so much to think about, and for those who think outside of the box, why not plan a visit to the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza in Birmingham, the only alternative wedding fair full of excellent suppliers.

The most important thing to remember is this is your wedding; a special event for both of you. Plan it together and have fun.

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