The Ultimate Handfasting guide

Handfasting, a popular and the most requested unity ceremony and ritual in a celebrant wedding. Handfasting is a meaningful and visual ritual during a wedding or commitment ceremony. Here is a handfasting guide, the ultimate handfasting guide perhaps? Where does …

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Pagan Handfasting

Pagan Weddings

There are many branches on the tree of Paganism and when it comes to planning Pagan weddings, there aren’t any rules to follow. As a Pagan, a Priestess, and an alternative Pagan wedding celebrant, I can create you a wedding …

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Yule handfasting cords in red, gold and green

Yule Weddings and Handfasting Ceremonies

Yule weddings are magical as Yule is a special time of the year, but not the traditional time for a wedding or a handfasting ceremony. Pagans usually choose to be handfasted at Beltane or Litha, some chose to have Yule …

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Handfasting Ceremony

Information on handfasting ceremonies

Are you interested in having a handfasting ceremony? Have you been to a ceremony which has included a handfasting? Perhaps you are wondering what is a handfasting? Now possibly the most requested ritual in celebrant wedding ceremonies, here is some …

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Viking Weddings and Handfasting Ceremonies

Viking wedding and handfasting ceremonies have risen in popularity, possibly from the influence of television programmes such as Vikings, or because of personal interest in Viking or Norse beliefs or paying homage to Norse/Scandinavian heritage, Whatever the reason, Viking weddings …

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