Yule Weddings and Handfastings

December is a magical time of the year, and a popular month for weddings. Couples choose to have Christmas themed weddings with red, gold and green colour schemes. Some couples also choose a December wedding as it is the Pagan month of Yule. Yuletide or Yule, is the Pagan/Wiccan festival celebrating the winter solstice; the Want to know more?

Alternative Christmas Weddings

Christmas is a magical time and is now a popular time of the year to get married. Christmas comes with its own colour scheme which makes choosing a theme or decor easier when planning a wedding. A Christmas wedding doesn’t have to be decorated with plastic Santa’s, snowmen and reindeer. Rockabilly weddings are usually very Want to know more?

Have a Personalised Wedding Ceremony

Getting married is a milestone in life, and as such you want to make it as memorable as possible. It’s your day, so define it your way from the start to the finish and have a personalised wedding ceremony.  A marriage is an event which needs to have a legal record of it; a wedding Want to know more?

Part 3 of Halloween Weddings and Ceremonies

Whatever time of year you decide to get married, your ceremony is the most important and memorable part of your day. Deciding to have a personalised wedding ceremony on gives you the option to include your choices of vows, readings and poetry. Choosing to have a Halloween wedding or ceremony, gives you the option to Want to know more?

Halloween Weddings and Ceremonies Part 2

Choosing to have your wedding ceremony on Halloween gives you the opportunity to have a really imaginative day. Your outfits, venue décor, music, poetry choices, guest’s outfits, menus and cake can all have a Halloween theme. Alternative transport is perfect for  Halloween weddings or ceremonies. Arriving in a hearse isn’t anything new, as it can be Want to know more?

Halloween Weddings and Ceremonies Part 1

As an alternative civil wedding Celebrant, Halloween and the weeks leading up to it are a busy time. Halloween weddings and ceremonies are on the increase as more couples choose to have their wedding or engagement ceremonies on this day. Halloween weddings tend to fall into different themes. Gothic weddings, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Want to know more?