Steampunk Wedding Ceremonies

Steampunk wedding ceremonies and renewal of vows are creative and sometimes theatrical occasions. With Victorian and Edwardian clothing off set against sci-fi and military accessories, Steampunk ceremonies are alternative to the traditional wedding ceremony.

Traditionally, weddings or renewal of vows take place in religious places, hotels or register offices. Steampunk ceremonies however are usually held in venues not associated with weddings. Favoured places are museums, factories, outdoors, barns and industrious places. I have performed various Steampunk wedding ceremonies, in places such as a newly restored coffin furniture factory in Birmingham, a Victorian museum, an outdoor 19th century museum and a Steampunk festival.

Some couples have had traditional weddings and are looking for an alternative Steampunk themed ceremony as a renewal of their wedding vows. Children, family and friends can also be included by adding a handfasting, a unity ceremony or by giving a reading at the ceremony. As an alternative Celebrant, I always look for ways to incorporate the couple’s theme into a relevant reading, poem or unity ceremony, such as a request to include a couple’s love of H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. For this request, I came up with the idea of making their unity candle a representation of Cthulhu.

Steampunk wedding or vow renewals usually feature an amazing Steampunk themed cake, which takes pride of place at the reception. Ceremony invites and the Bride’s bouquet are usually made up with the inclusion of clock faces, cogs, old keys, brass buttons and a hint of Victorian sci-fi. With various Steampunk themes including wild west, Edwardian, Victorian, military or industrious; Ebay and Etsy are great places to find clothing, decorations, floral arrangements, invites and table centrepieces for all Steampunk themed ceremonies.

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