Spring/Ostara Weddings and Handfasting Ceremonies

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Spring/Ostara is here, and it is the season associated with fertility, sowing seeds, new beginnings and new life. Warmer weather and the reappearance of colours and flowers are a deciding factor for those who choose to have Spring/Ostara weddings and handfasting ceremonies. Ceremonies are usually preferred to be held outdoors (weather permitting).

Pagan couples generally decide to hold their wedding or handfasting ceremonies at this time of the year. Ostara is the Pagan name for the season of Spring and traditional Ostara symbols which represent new life, fertility and new beginnings such as eggs, rabbits, hares, lambs, seasonal flowers and bright colours have crossed over into Spring celebration traditions.

Spring brides choose seasonal flowers for their bouquets such as daffodils, tulips, crocuses and irises. Flowers can be colour matched compliment the bride’s dress, the groom’s outfit, bridesmaids clothing, accessories or wedding cake. Pagan brides seem to favour green dresses and flower crowns made from seasonal flowers.

A wedding or a handfasting is a new beginning and like all ceremonies personalised and meaningful vows should be included. Vows written by the couple are truly unique, and unlike those ceremonies conducted by registrars, couples aren’t restricted with what vows they can say to each other.

Spring/Ostara Celebrant led ceremonies gives couples the opportunity to include many additional ceremony elements. The unity candle ceremony involves lighting two single flames which are joined together to make a new combined flame. It represents the creation of a new union and is a popular element in Celebrant wedding ceremonies.

Guests can be invited to take part in a brightly coloured unity canvas ceremony or a finger print tree to be displayed in the couple’s home. If choosing a ring warming ceremony which also includes all guests, the rings can be in an egg shaped container, symbolic of new growth and beginnings. After the ceremony, mini chocolate eggs or chocolate animals, flower or vegetable seeds, mini potted plants, small ceramic rabbits or bright decorated ceramic eggs make ideal guest favours.

Handfasting Ceremonies

Handfasting is an important part of Pagan ceremonies. Choosing to be bound together during the season of Ostara plants the seed for a fruitful future together. Handfasting cords and ribbons can be elemental if required to represent the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water.  These bright colours like all colours also have individual symbolic meanings. Families and friends can be included within the handfasting ceremony or can read any chosen poems or readings.

There are many different ways to have a personalised wedding or handfasting ceremony. For more information on Spring/Ostara weddings and handfasting ceremonies, or for any alternative ceremonies please contact me.

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