Rockabilly Weddings

Rockabilly weddings have a style all of their own. In recent years, that style has been adopted for various kinds of weddings and has become popular via internet blogs and wedding pages.
1950’s fashion, music, hot rods and American culture of that era are the basis for a Rockabilly wedding. Add images of traditional Sailor Jerry tattoo art, sugar skulls, pin up styles, polka dots and icons of the era for a retro theme.

Brides wanting to have a Rockabilly style wedding usually choose to wear a 1950’s style dress with a large petticoat underneath it. Dresses are usually strapless or halter necks and some Brides wear a coloured waist sash to match their petticoat, which can be seen sticking out from the bottom of their dress. Hair is usually worn in the traditional 1950’s style of pin curls, beau fonts, waves and victory rolls. Rockabilly Brides tend to wear short veils, fascinators or flower clips in their hair.

Brightly coloured hair, colourful tattoos and shoes, button bouquets and Bridesmaids wearing black and white or red and white polka dot dresses are popular sights at a Rockabilly wedding. Grooms with traditional quiffs or hats, Converse trainers, creepers, bowling style shirts and shoes, bright ties and leather jackets make a change from usual Grooms attire.

Choosing a Celebrant to perform a Rockabilly wedding ceremony gives the option of having a wedding in any venue whether it is licensed for weddings or not. Rockabilly festivals and events, cinemas, restored dance halls or 1950’s themed places are ideal venues for a Rockabilly wedding as they make it more authentic. Choosing to arrive in an American car is also the perfect way to arrive for a Rockabilly wedding.

I have performed a few Rockabilly themed wedding and renewal of vows ceremonies, and including themed elements. As an alternative Celebrant, I offer couples the opportunity to include unity candle or sand elements into their ceremony. Handfasting is also a popular element and all of these can match the wedding theme. Candles can be decorated accordingly, commemorative wedding parchments and handfasting ribbons can also match the colour scheme.

Wedding cakes are usually based on tattoo art such as swallows and hearts or have pin up style images on them. Popular décor colour schemes are turquoise, red, white, blue and polka dot, and tie in with the theme of the cake. Entertainment can also be Rockabilly themed with most couples choosing a band playing the required kinds of music rather than having a DJ to perform their entertainment.

Whether you are interested in a Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly or Psychobilly wedding, I can help you achieve the perfect ceremony in a location of your choice. For more information on these or any kind of alternative ceremonies, please contact me.

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