Ring Warming Ceremonies

Ring warming ceremonies have been around for many years, and many religions and cultures incorporate them into wedding ceremonies; but what are they, and how are they done?

When a couple have a ring warming, it is usually part of the main wedding ceremony. It involves inviting all guests to the wedding ceremony to hold or touch your wedding rings and pass on a thought, blessing or prayer for you to have a blessed and happy marriage. Like many wedding ceremony elements, there are numerous different ways to have a ring warming in your wedding.

Firstly, as a couple, decide on how you want your guests to receive your rings. Some couples opt for their wedding rings to be tied to a piece of ribbon and attached near the entrance of the ceremony room. As all guests enter the room, they give their blessings and thoughts to the rings as they touch them before they take their seats. Passing your rings through your guests on a long piece of ribbon down each row of seats, is another way to use ribbon with your rings attached. This method happens as the ceremony is taking place.

I have performed various different kinds of ring warming ceremonies, and each time they have been different in design, but the principal remains the same; to invite all guests to hold and bless your wedding rings. If guests warm the wedding rings during the ceremony, the rings have all been blessed by the time they are needed for the couple to present them and exchange them to each other after they have said their vows.

Most of the couples I have performed ceremonies for, have chosen to pass their rings from guest to guest during the ceremony. At the start of the wedding, I have informed the guests about the ring warming and what it is they need to do. Sometimes couples add a tag to their rings so each guest can read what to do once they receive the rings.

When weddings are passed from guest to guest, they have either been in a velvet bag inside a box, attached to a small ring cushion or ring plate, or as in a recent request from a couple, I came up with the idea to tie them to the handle of a small bucket which was filled with sweets. The idea was to leave a blessing, and take a sweet.

As I am an alternative wedding Celebrant/officiant, I encourage each couple to be involved with ideas for how they would like their ring warming ceremony to take place. A recent Goth wedding saw the bride and groom come up with the idea to pass their rings around each guest in a resin coffin, which fitted in perfectly with their lifestyle and wedding theme. A Tim Burton inspired ceremony I was also involved with, saw the rings being passed around on a joke severed finger as a nod to the wedding scene in Beetlejuice. The groom quoted the line ‘she meant nothing to me’ as he presented his bride with her wedding ring. a Harry Potter wedding I performed, the wedding rings were flown in by an owl, and were inside a replica Golden Snitch which was passed around the guests. The rings were then put onto replica wands to be presented to the bride and groom. Steampunk couples seem to favour their rings being passed around in a hollowed out book, attached to a ribbon inside. There are many ways to be inventive and creative when choosing how to present your wedding rings to your guests.

Choosing to have a Celebrant wedding ceremony gives you so many options for a truly personalised ceremony which standard ones held in churches, hotels or register offices wouldn’t. For more information on alternative weddings, ring warming ceremonies or Celebrant ceremonies, please contact me.

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