Renewing Your Vows

Have you thought about renewing your vows? Perhaps you had a traditional church or register office originally, but would like to renew your wedding vows in an alternative ceremony? Maybe you have been married awhile, and would like to reaffirm your vows in a different place, with friends and family old and new? You might have wanted to have a handfasting or to say your own vows to each other, but the church or register office wouldn’t allow it? If you have thought about renewing your vows, or if reading this has made you want to, then how about doing it?

I often hear couples say they had a traditional wedding to please their parents and families, yet they aren’t religious and felt the ceremony didn’t express their personalities or lifestyles. Couples, who now live a Pagan lifestyle, or a Steampunk one, are having a renewal of vows ceremony to reflect their lifestyle choices. Couples can incorporate special ceremony elements into their vow renewals such as jumping the broom, a handfasting, the wine ceremony or the unity sand ceremony. These elements are not only romantic and poignant; but they can include your children or other family members. Perhaps you are part of the Gothic community and would love a big, fat, Gothic wedding complete with bespoke vows to each other?

You might have a passion for all things 1950’s, and would love a rock and roll style renewal of vows ceremony; arriving to your ceremony in a Cadillac or Hot Rod car? That traditional white wedding you had years back, started off your lives together, and now you might love your rock concerts, brightly dyed hair, and would like to renew personal vows, to reflect on what you originally promised to each other. Do you cringe at the photographs of yourself in a big white wedding dress and baby pink dressed bridesmaids? If so, why not renew your vows?

Choosing to do it on a special anniversary such as your tenth, or even twenty fifth anniversary, makes it a truly special occasion. Whatever your reasons for doing it, renewing your vows in a bespoke ceremony which reflects you as a couple, and includes your children, family and friends, can be fun and romantic.
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