Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are an alternative to traditional baby christening ceremonies held in a church. Conducted by an alternative Celebrant, they can include Pagan, spiritual or chosen faith elements if required. Non- religious naming ceremonies are also available.

Naming ceremonies can be held in any venue, at any time and day, and can include specially selected poems, readings and music to welcome the child to the family and community of friends. Ceremonies can include an explanation of the child’s name, and can include any choices of poems, readings, music or family customs.

Grandparents, parents, siblings and friends can be involved, and life guardians or mentors can be chosen for the child. These people can give a reading, make promises and commitments to play a part in the child’s upbringing and life.

Unity candle ceremonies, a handfasting ceremony binding the life guardians and child together, a unity sand ceremony or a fingerprint tree to display on the child’s wall are perfect additional elements to add to naming ceremonies. Grandparents can plant a tree or seal a time capsule to be opened on a special birthday of the child.

A commemorative personalised parchment is included, and this can be signed by parents and life guardians during the ceremony. You will also receive an A4 keepsake presentation copy of the ceremony in a folder. Larger A3 size parchments are also available, and are ideal if numerous life guardians are involved in the ceremony.

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Naming ceremonies