Include Your Family and Friends In Your Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations you are getting married. Now it’s time to start planning for your big day. As the couple getting married, you are the key players in the ceremony. It’s your wedding and you two are the ones the day is about, but one of your decisions is surely to be deciding on other people who will have a role in your day. Bridesmaids, Matron of Honour, Chief Bridesmaid, Grooms men, Best Man and your parents are some of the important people who play a part in your day. If you opt for a Celebrant wedding ceremony, you can include your family and friends in your wedding ceremony.

What are their roles of your Family and Friends?

What are their roles? Traditionally the parents of the Bride paid for the wedding and the Bride’s Father walked her down the altar and gave her away to the Groom. Mother’s and Father of the Groom are usually excluded from playing a role in the wedding ceremony. At our wedding we included our Mother’s by having them sign the register as our witnesses. It was the only way we could think to include them in the ceremony we had.

Bridesmaids are chosen to help the Bride dress on her wedding day but after that what is their role in the ceremony? They walk down the aisle in front of the Bride as do the Grooms men to the Groom but after that their part in your wedding is to stand and watch like the other guests. The Maid of Honour usually has the role of holding the Brides flowers during the ceremony.

Deciding on your Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid isn’t always easy if you have sisters and a large circle of friends. Once you have made your choice wouldn’t you like to include your chosen person in your ceremony rather than have her just hold your flowers?

For the Groom, choosing his Best Man can also be difficult. If he has Brothers and a large circle of friends also who does he choose? Being chosen as a Best Man is an important thing. Traditionally the Best Man is in charge of organising the stag night and looking after the wedding rings to hand over during the ceremony. Your Best Man also has the job of delivering a speech at your wedding breakfast and so plays a key role in your ceremony.

Giving important people a role to play in your wedding

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give all of these important people a designated role to play in your wedding ceremony? After all a lot of money and time has been spent choosing the right dresses, outfits, flowers and suits for them to wear. Most wedding ceremonies are scripted with just the names of the Bride and Groom changed and these people are excluded from having an active role in the ceremony. As it’s your day, why not include them in it properly?

They are important people to you so it would be really nice to have them play a more important role. A bespoke ceremony is exactly that. It allows you total control of your day. You have the freedom to add what you like to your ceremony. Why not incorporate your Bridesmaids, Grooms men, Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid into your ceremony? Perhaps ask them to give a reading, recite a poem, or sing if they are able to. Why not have a specially made wedding parchment to commemorate your wedding and ask all of your wedding party to sign it? This gives everyone another role to play in your ceremony.

What about your parents? The Father of the Bride usually gives her away but what about the other parents? How can you include them into your day? There are various special ceremony elements available to include parents into your special day. The unity candle ceremony involves Mothers of the Bride and Groom lighting candles that represent the couple.

The wine ceremony can include Mothers and Fathers by asking them to pour wine used in this ceremony element that the couple will share. Choosing to have a handfasting in your ceremony, gives you the opportunity to involve up to seven people in this traditional and poignant ceremony.

A marriage is between two people but the wedding ceremony can involve other people who are important to the couple. Choosing to include these people in your wedding ceremony can make it a unique day. In years to come it is nice to reflect upon your day and remember the parts your friends and family played in helping to make it a truly unique day.

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