Handfasting ceremonies were originally Pagan Celtic betrothal ceremonies. As an alternative Celebrant, I perform various handfasting ceremonies, for all kinds of couples regardless of any belief they may or may not have. Handfasting is popular with Pagan couples still, but many other couples who aren’t Pagans are incorporating this betrothal tradition within their wedding ceremonies.

I write and perform individual handfasting ceremonies, and these can be stand alone ceremonies, or can be incorporated into an engagement, wedding, naming or renewal of vows ceremony. Handfasting can be performed in any location, but most couples prefer them to be performed outdoors.

Children, families and friends can be apart of the ceremony and each wrap a different coloured ribbon around the arms of the couple. Family handfasting ceremonies with friendships bracelets are also available, and are an ideal way to include parents, families and children.

Braided long length cords, or individual elemental coloured ribbons are available for more traditional ceremonies, and cords can be blessed or energised if required. Handfasting cords are available in all colours, and in various materials with attached charms or beads.

various handfasting ceremonies

Images from left to right 1. Vous Photography 2,3 Assassynation

Unity ceremonies such as a mead or wine ceremony, unity candle ceremony or a jumping of the broom ceremony can also be included in a handfasting ceremony. These additional elements are ideal if you want to include guests in your special day.

An A4 commemorative handfasting parchment, which can be signed by two witnesses during your ceremony is also included. This can be upgraded to an A3 size as shown below. You will receive a copy of your ceremony in a presentation folder as a keepsake of your ceremony.

handfasting wedding ceremonies

Images from top clockwise: 1,2,3,4 Vous Photography. 5,6 Assassynation

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