Don’t Forget The Groom During Your Wedding Planning, It’s His Day Too

A wedding is the union of two people, agreeing to come together as equals and spend the rest of their lives together. A marriage is a partnership where both partners input is required to make it a success. The first decisions a couple need to make together as soon to be newlyweds, is to plan their wedding so it includes both of their choices, and not just the choice of one partner or one family. A wedding is more than a dress, a cake and decorations. Don’t forget the groom during your wedding planning, it’s his day too.

If you speak to the vast majority of Brides to be about what they consider the most important aspect of a wedding, most of them will say the dress. Women tend to plan every aspects of their wedding from the moment they say yes to marrying their partner. The dress, the venue, the Bridesmaids and their dresses, the colour scheme, the flowers, the food served at the reception, the car they will arrive in, the honeymoon and the décor of the reception venue. What would the Groom like?

How many Brides include the thoughts of their Grooms as they begin to plan their wedding? Having a baby pink, peach or lilac colour scheme can help you achieve a fairy tale themed or celebrity wedding, but how would your Groom feel having to wear a pink tie, cravat, waistcoat or button hole? The glass Cinderella carriage you fell in love with might be your ideal wedding transport, but what if your Groom dreams of leaving your wedding ceremony in an Aston Martin?


In my experience as an alternative wedding Celebrant, I have noticed that alternative and same sex couples tend to have more of a combined input into planning their wedding ceremony. These couples want their day to be inclusive of them both, rather than just focusing on the choices of one partner. Alternative and same sex couples inject their personalities and lifestyle choices into their ceremony, with their wedding cake being the focal point of their reception.

It takes two people to have a wedding, and it takes two people to decide on the details of the ceremony and the day. Whatever decisions you make, make them together and inclusive of each other’s thoughts. It’s your wedding day, so make it about both of you.

Don't Forget The Groom

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