Unity ceremonies

What are unity ceremonies?

Unity ceremonies also referred to as wedding ceremony elements are additional mini rituals which can be included within any ceremony. Most symbolise the joining together of two, merging those two separate things to make a new combined element.

There isn’t any specific way in which these elements can be used; they are all adaptable to your requirements, and can include other people. Unity ceremonies and elements can be adapted to meet any theme such as colours or symbolism.

Below are some of the most popularly requested elements for unity ceremonies with a simple explanation of each one.

Rum/gin/beer blending ceremony

Two different flavoured rums/gins/beers are blended together to make a combined one representative of two similar yet different combinations coming together to create a third exclusive mix.

Mead ceremony

Mead is one of the oldest recognised alcoholic drinks and the mead ceremony pays homage to the old customs associated with Pagan ways. This is a popular choice for Viking/Norse themed ceremonies. Drinking horns which can be kept are supplied with this element if required.

Chocolate ceremonies

For those lovers of chocolate this unity ceremony symbolises your commitment to each other through the inclusion of various forms of and variations of chocolate.

Tea blending ceremony

Chosen teas are blended together and sampled in a unique mix representative of your relationship. The blended tea can be given as favours to guests.

Ring warming

Also referred to as blessings for the wedding bands, this element involves all present at the ceremony. Your wedding rings are passed around your guests in a box, bag or in any container of your choice and guests are invited to give your wedding rings a positive thought of well wishing for a happy future for your union.

Sand ceremony

Different coloured sands representing different attributes are poured into a larger bottle and kept as a memento of your ceremony. Sand collected from a special beach can also be used rather than coloured sands.

Unity candle

Individual candles are lit which are representative of the bride(s) and groom(s). Together you light a larger, personalised candle by merging the two flames together to make a new flame. This can include family members if required.


Possibly the oldest documented wedding custom and used in religious, spiritual and non-religious weddings. Handfasting is the binding together of your hands accompanied by promises made to each other. Favoured by many couples including Viking/Norse, Pagan, fantasy, festival and Goth ceremonies, handfasting can include family members or friends.  More information on handfasting can be found here.

Anniversary box

Special items of choice are placed into a chosen box which is kept until a designated date then opened. Letters are written to each other and placed into the box.

Stones ceremony

Select representative stones to confirm your promises to each other.

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Unity ceremonies