Other Ceremonies

A celebrant creates and delivers many different kinds of ceremonies. Below are just a few of the various ones available.

Engagement ceremonies

Engagement ceremonies are a recognised ceremony for many cultures around the world, but have been rarely considered within the UK until recent years. An engagement is more than a ring and a party, it is a marriage proposal. A marriage proposal is a milestone in the lives of not only the couple, but also for their families. Engagement ceremonies can involve children and families as they bring two groups of people together from the impending union of the engaged couple.

Anniversary ceremonies

Anniversary ceremonies celebrate the anniversary of a couple’s journey together as husband and wife, wife and wife or husband and husband. They are different to a renewal of vows which many choose to have when they reach noted time frames during their marriage. Anniversary ceremonies are a celebration of each couple’s wedding or marriage and they can also include children, families and friends.

Commitment ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies celebrate and mark the relationship between those who do not desire to have a wedding or a legal marriage. They celebrate the partnership and the acknowledgement of the union and dedication between those involved.

Commitment ceremonies are ideal to enable polyamorous relationships to celebrate their devotion and responsibilities to each other.

Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremonies welcome the arrival of a new family member. Naming ceremonies were traditionally held for babies and children, but they can also be held to recognise and celebrate the new life of a trans or non-binary person.

Adoption ceremonies

Adoption ceremonies are a celebration to welcome a new baby or child to a family and a group of friends.

Family blending ceremonies

Family blending ceremonies recognise and celebrate the coming together of two families through the union of two people. These ceremonies are ideal for step families involving bringing the children of each partner together as they become one newly combined family.

Divorce ceremonies

Rather than celebrate the end of a marriage and ‘good riddance’ to one partner, divorce ceremonies focus on the future and celebrate a new beginning in the life of those the ceremony is for. Of course should you wish to celebrate the end of a marriage, you certainly can.

Other ceremonies are available upon request.