wedding celebrant FAQ's

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding weddings and ceremonies.

Can we get legally married anywhere in the UK?

No. While you can hold a wedding ceremony anywhere regardless of if it is a licensed venue or not, a marriage ceremony must be conducted in a licensed premises or structure by an authorised person.

A marriage is a legally recognised partnership between two people carried out and witnessed by a registrar, religious leader or a licensed Humanist Celebrant (Scotland and the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland by requested licence) and two witnesses. A marriage does not require those in it to be in love, it is a legal declaration. A religious marriage ceremony requires the acceptance of religious wording to be adhered to. A civil or registration service marriage is deemed to be devoid of any religious or spiritual beliefs.

A wedding is a ceremony acknowledging and celebrating the individual love and intended commitment between two (or more if required) people. Religious or spiritual beliefs and customs can be included withi a celebrant wedding or ceremony.

Currently celebrants in England and Wales do not have legal authority to conduct marriage ceremonies. This however may change in the foreseeable future.

Many couples who I perform ceremonies for decide to do the marriage legalities before their wedding ceremony. Many choose a simple signing of the register option only. More information how to do this can be found online or from a local register office.

It is suggested those who want to do this research what options are available in their specific area.

Can we do the legal part during or on the same day as our wedding ceremony?

This is dependent on any restrictions imposed by the registrar intended to conduct the marriage ceremony. As a celebrant I do not have any problems working alongside a registrar or religious leader, however a registrar or a religious leader may have problems working alongside me as a celebrant.

If you are interested in having a combined civil/religious/celebrant ceremony, please contact the registrar or religious leader for information on their requirements.

Are we restricted to hold our wedding ceremony in licensed venues only?

No. Celebrant wedding ceremonies can take place in any venue or chosen area at any time, on any day. If having a candle lit evening ceremony sounds ideal to you, it is possible. If a ceremony in a wood is your preference or in your family garden, these are possible too.

Can children, family, friends or our dog be included in our ceremony?

Yes, they can. There are numerous ways to include others within your ceremony if you choose too. Your dog can be your ring bearer.

Are you insured?

Yes, I have full public liability insurance.

Do you travel?

Yes, I perform ceremonies all across the UK and further if required. Travel and accommodation costs are in addition to ceremony fees quoted unless specified

Can we have a themed ceremony?

Yes, you can have whatever kind of ceremony you would like. We work together to create a personalised original ceremony just for you.

Do we have to have music, poems or readings within our ceremony?

No. You only include what is important to you. Poems and readings or even spoken song lyrics can be chosen to compliment your ceremony content. I can suggest many should you require me to.

Do we have to write our own vows as we do not know what to say?

The exchanging of wedding vows is the most important part of the ceremony. I can help you write personalised and meaningful vows unlike those said during standard registrar led marriage ceremonies.

We are nervous, help!

Everyone is nervous on their wedding or ceremony day; it’s to be expected. If the thought of saying your vows is concerning you don’t worry. We can work through it to come up with a less nerve wracking way so you enjoy your ceremony rather than worry about speaking in front of your guests.

If you have a question which hasn’t been answered above, please contact me with your question.