Your wedding ceremony is the most meaningful and memorable ceremony the two of you will be part of. It should be more than just spoken scripted words as it is a rite of passage and the start of your new lives together. Without a ceremony, there wouldn’t be a wedding day, and as it is […]


Handfasting ceremonies were originally Pagan Celtic betrothal ceremonies. As an alternative Celebrant, I perform various handfasting ceremonies, for all kinds of couples regardless of any belief they may or may not have. Handfasting is popular with Pagan couples still, but many other couples who aren’t Pagans are incorporating this betrothal tradition within their wedding ceremonies. […]

Vow renewals

A wedding vow renewal ceremony is a popular ceremony, and can be performed in any venue or location, and themed to your requirements. Renewal of vows ceremonies can be family orientated ceremonies attended by many, or they be intimate with just the two of you in a location of your choice. Perhaps you want to […]

Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are an alternative to traditional baby christening ceremonies held in a church. Conducted by an alternative Celebrant, they can include Pagan, spiritual or chosen faith elements if required. Non- religious naming ceremonies are also available. Naming ceremonies can be held in any venue, at any time and day, and can include specially selected […]