Autumn Weddings, Renewal of Vows and Handfasting Ceremonies

Autumn is here, and it’s a beautiful time of year to hold a ceremony. The end of the summer, and the time of year when nature reclaims the bright colours of summer. Autumn weddings, renewal of vows and handfasting ceremonies can be very colourful occasions.

With summer being possibly the most popular time of year to have a wedding, renewal of vows or handfasting ceremony, Autumn, in my experience as an alternative wedding Celebrant/officiant is the most popular of year for alternative weddings and ceremonies. As summer is over, but it’s still warm at times, and woodland and outdoor ceremonies are still taking place during autumn.

Woodland areas are still green, with throws of brown, deep and bright red leaves, light green and yellow leaves and purple hues as a colourful scene setting. Shaded trees make ideal locations to hold ceremonies by, with couples choosing to have handfasting ceremonies and broom jumping outdoors.

Handfasting in woodlands
Image by Indigo and Violet

Autumn is the season of Halloween, with its characteristic colours of orange and black which so many couples build their ceremony themes around. Seasonal natural objects such as pumpkins, conkers, bare twig decorations, leaf garlands, acorns and pine cones are perfect for room or venue décor. Unity candle ceremonies in autumnal colour themes, mead or wine ceremonies and food sharing ceremonies are commonly used unity ceremonies in autumn weddings, renewal of vows and handfasting ceremonies.

Autumn unity candles ring warming and personalised wedding vows
Autumn family unity candles and ring warming

Handfasting ribbons and cords go from the brighter themed colours requested during summer ceremonies, to darker greens, burgundy, black, brown and orange. These colours are favoured by Pagan couples who decide to have their ceremonies to coincide with Mabon (autumn equinox) or at Samhain (Halloween).

Pagan couples choosing to have renewal of vows ceremony, tend to opt for autumn to do this as autumn is the time of the harvest, and collecting the fruits of seeds sown, and in turn grown earlier. Autumn is traditionally the season associated with giving thanks for all which has grown, and this makes it a good time of year to hold a vow renewal ceremony.

There are so many ideal autumn themed poems which can be included within any autumn themed ceremony to add a seasonal theme. Wedding outfit colours, seasonal floral décor, pumpkin and autumn foods, and candlelit ceremonies can be used to help have a truly autumn themed ceremony.

Unlike traditional wedding ceremonies in churches, register offices or hotels, celebrant wedding ceremonies give couples the option of including family and friends into their ceremony. Family members can read autumn themed poems, take part in unit ceremonies or handfasting ceremonies. Celebrant ceremonies also mean couples have the freedom to hold their wedding ceremony anywhere, including outdoors unlike traditional weddings.

Autumn weddings, renewal of vows and handfasting ceremonies are colourful, romantic and atmospheric. For more information on any kind of alternative weddings, renewal of vows or handfasting ceremonies, please contact me.