January Weddings

Every couple planning a wedding have a budget. Whether that budget is a large amount, or whether it is a modest amount, all have a budget to adhere too. January is a great time of the year to hold a wedding ceremony if you have a strict budget.

We are now into the new year, and the festivities of Yule and Christmas seem such a long time ago. December is a popular time for wedding and handfasting ceremonies, and also the most popular time of the year for marriage proposals.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve are favoured times to get engaged. From all the couples who get engaged, not all will favour a traditional wedding ceremony. Some will choose to have alternative weddings which include their families, friends and pets, and reflect their personalities and lifestyle choices.

Alternative weddings are usually very creative events, with a lot of the décor, clothing, transport, food served, wedding cake and rings sourced from online suppliers found usually through social media or alternative wedding fairs such as the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza. Couples who have alternative weddings tend to be more creative, and prefer their entire day including their ceremony to be unique, personal and all about them.

As an alternative wedding Celebrant, I work with couples who want a wedding ceremony written for them; the first and only couple to ever hear it. For these couples their ceremony is the most important part of their day, and everything else is chosen to fit in with their requirements. This includes the significance of their chosen venue, which could be a possible area where money can be saved.

January is usually the least likely month for weddings. It’s colder and the weather can be dismal, Christmas has taken a financial hit on people; it’s a long month with so many people having to wait until the end of January until pay day, after being paid before Christmas. So many people say it’s the longest month (even though a few also have thirty one days too), it’s depressing and miserable. These feelings stem from the joyous festivities and celebrations experienced in December.

With this in mind, why not turn it around and use it to an advantage to holding an alternative wedding on a budget? Why not make January your wedding month, and make it a month of joyous celebrations? Venues are at their quietest in January, and some actually close due to the notorious quiet period. This is a great opportunity to find a significant or coveted venue for the possibility of a cheaper price.

January was once the month of sales where retailers sold off seasonal stock cheaper, now so many start their sales in December. This is another great advantage when seeking a wedding on a budget. Clothing including the all important dress can be bought at a reduced price from online retailers. Decorations, candles, centrepieces and many items for dressing your venue can be found cheaper via sales.

Image by Alternative Images UK

Transport hire, selected caterers, photographers and other suppliers may offer their products and services at a seasonal rate for January weddings, as it is traditionally a quiet time. January weddings could also mean less planning as chances are very few of your intended invited guests will be on holiday unlike during the summer months.

With these points in mind, it is possible to hold alternative weddings on a budget, and turn January into a month of celebration too.

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