Alternative Christmas Weddings

Christmas is a magical time and is now a popular time of the year to get married. Christmas comes with its own colour scheme which makes choosing a theme or decor easier when planning a wedding. A Christmas wedding doesn’t have to be decorated with plastic Santa’s, snowmen and reindeer.

Rockabilly weddings are usually very visual with an array of different colours to be seen. Brightly coloured hair, tattoos on show, colourful table settings and a magnificent cake as the centrepiece of the reception all stand out. Rock ‘n’ Roll brides wearing white wedding dresses, fake fur stoles with Christmas red flowers, sashes and accessories work well with Christmas weddings.

Add to this a room decorated with a Christmas theme such as a beautifully decorated tree with lots of lights, pine cones, berries and garlands made from twigs, ivy and holly. Choose red fabrics, greens, gold, and silver as the colours for the venue decoration. If you have a particular theme, you can also incorporate that to the tree if your venue will allow it.

Christmas crackers on table are an ideal way to give out wedding favours. Simply add your chosen favours to the crackers at the end and personalise them with ribbons and name tags of your guests. Mini Christmas trees in the centre of each table made an alternative to candle centrepieces. Small gift favours for your guests can also be attached to the trees along with name baubles of the people at each table. Guests have a usable keepsake of your special day and can hang it on their own Christmas tree each year, and it beats a bag of sugared almonds or chocolate hearts.

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is a popular theme choice for alternative and some Goth weddings. Halloween meets Christmas makes for a truly alternative wedding. Dressing your venue in black, white, red and grey ribbons on chair backs and tables help create the Nightmare before Christmas look. Choosing a Jack Skeleton and Sally wedding cake will finish off the theme. Gothic brides gowned in black, reds, purple, green and gold, wearing fake fur, velvets, satin and lace are a contrast to the brightness of Christmas colours. Adding darker colours ,Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree brings the two holidays together. Victorian Gothic or Steampunk themed weddings are popular as most of our Christmas images are based on the Victorian or Dickensian Christmas depictions.

As the Pagan holiday of Yule is celebrated in December, this theme is also popular for alternative weddings. With the traditional Yule log taking pride of place by the cake, tables can be decorated with mini personalised logs for guests. More information on Yule weddings can be found here. The traditional wedding besom broom which is jumped over during the ceremony can be decorated with the same colour ribbons used during the handfasting ceremony. Candle lit evening weddings dressed with natural decorations such as wreaths, garlands, holly, ivy and evergreen trees really are beautiful at this time of year.

Celebrant ceremonies give the option to have many unity ceremonies included and seasonal themes can be added to these. Unity candles can be seasonally decorated and mince pies and mulled wine can be included too.

Whatever time of year you choose to get married, define your day your way. For more information on alternative wedding ceremonies and alternative Celebrant weddings, please contact me

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