Additional Wedding and Ceremony Elements

Additional ceremony elements are additional mini ceremonies which can be incorporated into engagement, wedding, renewal of vows or naming ceremonies. Some of them are unique to Celebrant ceremonies, and as an alternative Celebrant, I provide creative, memorable and themed elements for the couples who request them.
There are many different elements, below are a few of the most popular ones. Other unity ceremonies are also available upon request.

Unity Candle Ceremony

A very popular mini ceremony; the unity candle ceremony symbolises the joining together through marriage of two people and two families. Two candles are lit to represent the Bride and Groom. A larger candle is then lit by the couple to symbolise two becoming one and moving on to create their own family. This ceremony element can include children also or family members.
Candles can be personalised with any names, images or ribbons upon request.


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Wine Ceremony

Two small bottles of wine are poured into a glass by the couple or two chosen representatives. The liquids are then mixed to form a combined one and the couple drink the wine. This can be one glass of red and one of white to create a Rose white. This symbolises the joining together of two separate parts to create a new, whole.

The glass they drink from can be a chosen decorative glass, goblet or tankard they can keep or it can be used in the breaking of the glass ceremony. Alcohol free wine or juice can also be used if children are to be involved in the ceremony. Mead ceremonies are also available upon request.


Unity Sand Ceremony

The unity sand ceremony is ideal for any ceremony and can involve other guests or special people. It is an ideal ceremony to involve children in. Different coloured sands are poured into a keepsake bottle which is sealed with a cork stopper. A colourful keepsake of the ceremony.


Jumping Over the Broom

Originally an African tradition, jumping the broom is popular also in Pagan wedding ceremonies. It is based on the tradition of sweeping away the past and the clearing away of negativity. In ceremonies now it represents also the jump into married life. The broom can be decorated with ribbons, flowers or other items to match a colour, and be displayed in the home as a reminder of your day.

Ring Warming

The wedding rings are placed in a small velvet bag, on a ring cushion or box, or any chosen container and passed around guests during the ceremony. Guests receive the rings and give the couple their best wishes. The rings arrive at either the ring bearer or the Best Man ready for the couple to present them to each other.


For information on handfasting ceremonies, please click here

A handfasting ceremony which can involve up to eight people is also available as a separate ceremony.

Unity/Family Canvas

All stories start off as a blank canvas; this element consists of the couple and their choice of participating people to make a unique piece of commemorative art. Each person pours a different coloured paint down the blank provided canvas. Each canvas is unique, and can only be created by the people involved in it’s creation; just like the couple’s union. Once the paint has dried, the canvas is a decorative reminder of  the day and the  involvement of all who took part.



Wine Box First Anniversary Element

The wine box first anniversary element consists of placing a bottle of your favourite wine or drink into a keepsake box. A long with the wine, each of partner writes a letter to the other partner, or hopes and aspirations for the first year of marriage. The box is sealed with a heart shaped lock and a heart shaped during the wedding ceremony. On the first anniversary, the box is unlocked, the sealed letters are opened, the heart shaped candle is lit and the wine is opened. Included is also a commemorative first anniversary A4 certificate as the first anniversary is paper.


Commemorative Ceremony Parchments

Included in the price of each ceremony, is an A4 commemorative parchment. A3 parchments also available, and these are all designed especially for Alternative Ceremonies UK only, and are available in a wide range of colours, themes and designs.

Parchments are available for engagements, weddings, vow renewals, naming and handfasting ceremonies. They are signed during the ceremony with up to four witnesses.

Both A4 and A3 parchments are hand finished with a wax seal and stamp design in a different colours. A3 parchments have a wax seal and a ribbon finish ribbon. Parchments can also be purchased separately.


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